Exemplary Websites from HPBC

Homeopath’s websites are often fabulously bad!  They are often too generic … talking about the 200-year history of homeopathy and what homeopathy is.  They look just like any article at the top of a google search for homeopathy and thus they do not sell anything.

We are working, here at HPB course, on teaching our students to produce compelling – selling homeopath’s websites!

If they are really good they will appear here!
If you want to submit your landing page take a screenshot of the area above the crease [let the page load and don’t scroll] and email the screenshot and url link to salamanda1000@gmail.com.
You don’t have to be a paying member or past member of the course to submit your web address for consideration.  Only what’s ‘above the crease’ will be considered.  🙂

Currently in First Place

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 15.01.50.png
Shelly’s Website Link

It is worth looking at the whole of Shelly’s website as a good example of simplicity, clarity and compelling calls to action.


Notable Mentions:

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 15.05.21

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