It Will Cost You £+++ To Go It Alone

The purpose of this post is to spell out to you the sheer number of unmissable benefits to joining the Homeopathic Practice Building Course.   Strap in and prepare to be amazed.  I was amazed when I made these calculations!

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It is REALLY Expensive Going It Alone!

What will it cost you?
Maybe all of your potential income from homeopathy!
Aneta was very close to retraining when she joined the Homeopathic Practice Building Course for a last-ditch attempt to build her practice.
By month 4 she was full-time and more than ready for Lesson 5 on how to manage a full-time practice.

If you look at the high % of homeopaths who trained and never build a profitable practice [do a quick mental survey of your fellow graduates] you’ll see that the likelihood of NEVER building is very high.
We are not taught tools.  Where we are, the tools are outdated and ineffective.
This is the breach the Homeopathic Practice Building Group stepped into 3 years ago.


Going it alone = 5 x longer

It takes ME approximately 5 x longer to work out the average ‘thing’ from google searching and youtube tutorials than it takes by asking a teacher.

AND I’m already accessing a teacher via such articles and video tutorials!
If I had to find the information I need from deep within books, I’d be totally lost.
Youtubers and article writers paraphrase for me.

Even with their help, I still have to structure my learning in the absence of a wider picture & experience of what I need to know [and don’t], & when and how to utilize the information.

The more complex the thing, the more I lose in time & money by Going It Alone.
What’s your estimate?  Similar to mine?  Worse?


You are currently losing at a rate of £100 per Hour.


Join The Course


Whilst you are stuck procrastinating, you are losing at the rate of about £100 per hour or £94,000 per year!

With a short work week that’s
20 hr/wk x £100/ hr x 47 weeks = £94,000 per year.
[I’ve given you 5 weeks holiday!]

Maybe you don’t procrastinate.

If you are building without a teacher, for every extra hour you spend searching for information or your search proves pointless you lose £100.

You’ll have questions like:

  • Am I sure this is the thing I need to focus on? [A HUGE amount of time can be wasted on the wrong focus.]
  • Is it as important as it appears?
  • Is this going to pay off?
  • Am I doing these in the right order?


Not only do we know the info you want, we also know what else you need to know and where to send you next.

We have tried and tested tools to make the complex simple and to help you overcome obstacles you have in your mind.

We have the overview you need.

We keep you accountable and on task!



Who Builds?

Watching progress over the last 3 years at Homeopathic Practice Building Group we observe that those who manage to build are rare, even with all the materials and support FREELY available to the group.

The few successful ones take at very least twice as long to build as those who use the paid course.  They are the fiercely driven ones, with few hang-ups … and still, it takes them more than twice as long to get busy.    It would take them 5 x as long without the teachers and the materials on HPB.

Going It Alone is

  • a false economy.
  • builds frustration & confusion.
  • frustration builds avoidance.
  • avoidance builds a sense of failure.
  • failure is expensive and painful & highly unnecessary!



And we are giving you FAR more than 10 hours.
There are 24 DIRECT teaching hours in 6 months of the course and free access to teacher support through the course’s closed Facebook group.
The more work you put in the group, the more responsive teaching you get.

If you gain even ONE new patient a month by doing the course the course will practically pay for itself too!  Students often achieve this from the first month of attendance.

I always thought I was a proud “Go It Aloner” but then I realized my success comes because I’ll always seek out a teacher, make myself useful and learn what I can from them.  Luckily for me, this was FREE!    I made myself very useful, made sure I was more useful than burdensome … and gleened ALL the knowledge I could get.
One of the ways in which I made myself useful was to help with group admin and also to learn from other teachers and then offer information that was useful to my main teacher.
In the process, Alan Freestone & I built up a whole lot of resources and skills we can pass on to you.

Unluckily for you, it’s not free … but it is going to save and earn you a LOT of money to join this course. 

Start as soon as you can!  [Intake from November 2018]
The sooner you start the sooner you stop losing your potential monthly earnings of £8000!
This course will cost you £180/month.
By taking this step there will be months somewhere in the nearer future where you will not be missing out on £8000!

Of course … you’ll not earn that until you can fill your 20 hours a week with patients … but the sooner you get started WITH TARGETTED TEACHING … the sooner you will see those earnings.

This course is not magical!  If you turn up, watch the lessons and do nothing toward building you’ll not gain a single extra patient … so come prepared to put the teachings into practice.    By signing up you are making a commitment to work hard.

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