Build Your Google Ranking

Here at Homeopathic Practice Building Course, we are teaching you a broad spectrum of skills:

  • How to build with versatility in mind.
  • How to create a wide range of resources so that if/when one method stops working others take over and
  • How to build a 3-dimensional practice that can sustain itself in the long term whatever may change.




In this post, we’ll deal with Google ranking techniques beyond Search Engine Optimisation of your website and blog posts and talk about some of the potential advantages of having a Google Business page.


1.  Put Your Business on the Map.


You’d like to be found on Google Maps locally by people looking for directions.  Just pin your business to your location on the map.
You’d like to be found accidentally by people in the area [this is minor but a bonus].
You’d like people to easily find information on you if they try to search your name.


Why else might you want to list your business on Google?  ….

2.  Google reviews are solid social proof for your business [and improve your ranking].


The top way I gain testimonials is by being active with my patients online.  If I see they posted something positive to me I’ll take a screenshot and ask permission to use it.

I have a private practice support group and run a weekly ‘gains’ post.  It is the perfect place to take these clippings from.  I keep mine in a note file alongside the pathology they relate to and then I can make a blog post with 3 similar testimonials.

Google is ideal if you want to ask for reviews somewhere outside Facebook.
Google reviews enhance your overall Google ranking.
This benefits your website reach when your website is associated with your Google business.

It’s good to be visible in as many places as possible and to have positive reviews in multiple places.

Set up your business page on google.


Here’s what your business might look like in a Google search:

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 14.47.34

You can send someone to your reviews page to review you.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 14.49.06.png



If you have anything you think could be added to this post … please, add it in comments.

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