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Are you interested in taking part in the transformational Homeopathic Practice Building Course?    Register your interest by commenting below.  If you want to know more, click the discover link.

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BACS [UK] details: Sally Lloyd, 401118, 04681630.  When I see your payment I will book you in for all the tutorials and you’ll receive confirmation. 


Your Investment

The course will cost £1080 and will cover 6 modules, lasting roughly 6 months.  You can pay upfront in full with a discount of £80 [£1000] or break down the £1080 into £180 per month instalments.  The whole fee is due if you join the course and leave before completing.

  • Paid elements:
    • tutorials [4 hours per month],
    • webinars [when you have submitted and passed the tasks given with each webinar you can request access to the next].  There are 6 in total.
    • set tasks [with deadlines] come with the webinars.
    • help with your tasks and feedback on tasks within the facebook group.
  • Webinars: A recorded 1-hour webinar lesson + a connected article and set tasks.
    When your tasks are completed, you are ready to move to the next module.  Submit your tasks to the facebook group for feedback & sign off.  Each set of skills builds upon the last set of skills.
  • Tutorials: 2 hours of small group tutorial [8 members max] every 2 weeks throughout the course.  You will be with either Alan or Sally for these tutorials and we usually move students around so that you will spend some time with each tutor.
  • Ongoing support in the dedicated Homeopathic-Practice-Building-Course Facebook group which will become your colleague community.
  • Website building, niching, social media interaction, practice management, etc, etc, etc.

You could see an increase in patients from the first month and some homeopaths have become full-time homeopaths at 4 months!  Work hard and the course will pay for itself quickly.

Once you have done all the lessons you can stay in the group longterm and only pay the monthly fee if attending tutorials or needing substantial feedback from tutors.


Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “DISCOVER OR BOOK

  1. HI, I am interested in the course when its ready .


    1. Wonderful Adi. Will be great to have you.
      There will be a commitment to pay for 4 months initially up front. [£720]. There will be a discount for paying for the whole 6 months before the start of the course [£1000 instead of £1080]. Any months after the 6 months will cost £180/pcm and you can continue with the course as long as you feel the need.
      The current plan is to start the new lessons from number 1 in November. The first 3 will be recorded live [Nov, Dec & Jan] as we don’t have live recordings of them from the current course sessions.
      Lesson 4 & 5 are already recorded with attached articles and are on the website [password protected until tasks for lessons 1-3 are submitted] and we’ll record lesson 6 this month. From the 4th month, we’ll transition onto the lessons that are already recorded rather than live ones.
      The plan in the future is that people will be able to take different paces as the lessons are recorded. When they have submitted tasks from the first lesson they can move on to the second lesson, as they become ready. A judgment of readiness will be with the tutors.
      Everyone will have to keep up for the first three months of the new Roll-on-Roll-Off course due to the need to record the lessons live and then they can pace a little more to their needs from lesson 4 onward.
      I have set up a facebook group specifically for the homeopathic-practice-building-course and When you have paid your £720 [or £1000] you can be added into it. The current 2018 Team will go into that group also if they choose to stay on [they will pay £180/pcm if so].

      Course structure:
      Live webinar [1 hour per month] or recorded webinar.
      Group tutorial [2 hours per month].
      Ongoing development of new materials and mentoring support within the dedicated Facebook group. [When you encounter a problem we will usually develop teaching materials to help you get through the problem. Also, the more you input in the group the more feedback you get.]
      Assessment of tasks by tutors.


  2. I’m on this course now and it’s fantastic. I work full time so not getting as far as fast as I would like but the tips and push from Sally and Alan are really motivating. A very professional course


    1. Thanks Tracy. It’s been wonderful having you take part.


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